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本文摘要:十年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题04 介词及介词短语 含剖析十年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题04 介词及介词短语 含剖析十年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题04 介词及介词短语 含剖析共计28个专题内容 私信英语(2010﹒福建﹒T27)More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities space.A. in search of B. in place of C. for lack of D. for fe


十年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题04 介词及介词短语 含剖析十年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题04 介词及介词短语 含剖析十年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题04 介词及介词短语 含剖析共计28个专题内容 私信英语(2010﹒福建﹒T27)More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities space.A. in search of B. in place of C. for lack of D. for fear of【谜底】D【剖析】A. 寻找 B. 取代; C. 因缺乏 D. 生怕, 以免。句子的完整意思应该是:大都会建起越来越多的高楼大厦, 因为缺乏空间。

,(2010﹒江西﹒T29)We give dogs time, space and love we c an spare, and _____, dogs give us their all.A in all B in fact C in short D in return【谜底】D【剖析】in all 共计 in fact实际上 in short 简而言之 in return 以作为回报。(2010﹒江西﹒T34)Nowadays some hospitals refer to patients ______ name, not case number.A of B as C by D with【谜底】C【剖析】方式方法可以用by也可以用with, by+ n(方式), with+修饰词+ n(工具). (2010﹒江苏﹒T29)So far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is________ ideal. We have to work still harder.A. next to B. far from C. out of D. due to【谜底】B【剖析】far from 表现not at all . next to 表现仅次于 due to表现因为,由于 (2010﹒上海﹒T25)Sean has formed the habit of jogging the tree-lined avenue for two hours every day.A. between B. along C. below D. with【谜底】B【剖析】凭据句意 “Sean已经形成了天天沿着绿荫大道慢跑两小时的习惯”, 表现 “沿着”时, 应该选B。

(2010﹒上海﹒T30)In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only travelled the local market. A. longer than B. more than C. as much as D. as far as【谜底】D【剖析】凭据动词travel可判断此处应填关于旅程的介词词组, 本题即为as far as。as far as远到...(2010﹒天津﹒T13)My father warned me going to the West Coast because it was crowded with tourists.A. by B. on C. for D. against【谜底】D【剖析】句意:我父亲警告我不要去西海岸, 因为那里挤满了游客。句中谓语动词warned和介词against搭配, 组成warn sb. against doing sth. 相当于warn sb. not to do sth, 意思是 “警告某人不要干某事”。

(2010﹒四川﹒T5)Tired, Jim was fast asleep with his back a big tree.A. in B. below C. beside D. against【谜底】D【剖析】句意为: “累了, 吉姆背倚着树, 很快就睡着了。”against此处意为: “倚着, 靠着”;below “在……下方”;beside “在……旁边”;in “在……内里或(时间)……之后”。(2010﹒辽宁﹒T31)I agree to his suggestion ______the condition that he drops all charges.A. by B. in C. on D. to 【谜底】C【剖析】句意:我同意他的建议, 条件是他放弃所有指控。

介词on 和the condition that一起相当一个连词, 引导条件状语从句, 意思是 “条件是, 以……为条件”。(2010﹒北京﹒T29)Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are everyone’s enjoyment.A. in B. at C. for D. to【谜底】C【剖析】for enjoyment为了寻求兴趣。例如:We work in the garden for enjoyment. 我们为寻求兴趣而在园子里劳作。

(2010﹒重庆﹒T22)The dictionary is what I want, but I don’t have enough money me.A. by B. for C. in D. with【谜底】D【剖析】I don’t have enough money with me 意思是我没有随身带那么多钱。(2010﹒浙江﹒T7)I guess we’ve already talked about this before but I’ll ask you again just .A.by nature B.in return C.in case D.by chance【谜底】C【剖析】分析四个选项的意思:by nature 天生地;in return作为回报, 作为交流;in case 万一, 以防;by chance偶然地。凭据句意:我想我之前已经跟你谈论过这件事, 可是以防万一, 我再问你一次。(2010﹒湖北﹒T30)It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money favors to them. A. in preference to B. in place of C. in agreement with D. in exchange for【谜底】D【剖析】先明白短语的意思. In preference to(优先于);in place of(取代);in agreement with(同意, 与…一致);in exchange for(交流)。

其实辨析这几个介词短语的难度不大, 只需要认识每一个短语中的焦点词preference, exchange, place, agreement的意思即可, 推测较为容易。(2011﹒江苏﹒T32)We’d better discuss everything ______before we work out the plan.A. in detail B. in general C. on purpose D. on time【谜底】A【剖析】句意:在我们制定计划之前,我们最好详细地讨论每件事。In detail详细地;in general通常,大要上;on purpose居心地;on time准时,定时。

(2011﹒全国卷I﹒T30)The form cannot be signed by anyone ______ yourself.A. rather than B. other than C. more than D. better than【谜底】B【剖析】(2011﹒福建﹒T22)____ good service, the restaurant offers different kinds of traditional Fujian dished.A. Far from B. Apart from C.Instead of D.Regardless of【谜底】B【剖析】除了优质的服务外,这个饭馆提供了差别种类的传统的福建菜。apart from表“除……以外”,切合语意。far from“远离,远非”;instead of“取代,而不是”;regardless of“不管,掉臂”。

(2011﹒全国卷II﹒T14)This shop will be closed for repairs ____ further notice. A. with B. until C. for D. at【谜底】B【剖析】句意:在另行通知前,这家店将停止整顿。until further notice表现“在另行通知前”。(2011﹒北京﹒T35)With new technology, pictures of underwater valleys can be take ______ color. A. by B. for C. with D. in【谜底】D【剖析】In color表现“使用彩色”。牢固搭配。

句意:随着科技的生长,水下沟壑的图片可以做成彩色的。(2011﹒上海﹒T25)Graduation is a good time to thank those who have helped you ______ the tough years.A. through B. up C. with D. from【谜底】A【剖析】句意:一年中,结业的时候是谢谢那些曾经资助过你的最好时机。(2011﹒湖北﹒T30)When asked about their opinions about the schoolmaster, many teachers would prefer to see him step aside ________ younger men.A. in terms of B. in need of C. in favor of D. in praise of【谜底】C【剖析】句子意思是,当在问及对这个学校的校长有什么看法时许多老师宁愿他闪到一边去支持年轻人。

in praise of表彰,in terms of就…而言,in need of需要。(2011﹒山东﹒T30)I’m sorry I didn’t phone you, but I’ve been very busy_____ the past couple of weeks.A. beyond B. with C. among D. over【谜底】D【剖析】通过前半句“I’ve been very busy”现在完成时,可知搭配用的时间状语为“在已往的几周里”,牢固搭配用介词“over the past couple of weeks=in the past couple of weeks”. 句意为:很歉仄没给你打电话,可是这几个星期我一直很忙。(2011﹒安徽﹒T25)Sometimes proper answers are not far to seek______ food safety problem.A. in B. to C. on D. after【谜底】B【剖析】句意为:有时不容易找到解决食品宁静问题的适宜的措施。本题考察名词后的介词的牢固搭配。

此句中主语为answers,意为“解决措施”,作此意时后跟介词to或towards,故选B项。(2011﹒浙江﹒T5)I always wanted to do the job which I’d been trained ______.A. on B. for C. by D. of【谜底】B【剖析】语义:我经常想做我之前为之受过培训的事情,for表现目的,意为“为了…”,切合题意。

(2011﹒四川﹒T8)Nick, it’s good for you to read some books __________China before you start your trip there.A. in B. for C. of D. on【谜底】D【剖析】on 表现关于,some books on China意为“关于中国的一些书”。句意为:“Nick,你在去中国旅行之前最好读一些关于中国的书。”故选D。

(2011﹒天津﹒T11)He was a good student and scored _________ average in most subjects.A. below B. of C. on D. above【谜底】D【剖析】句意为:他是一个勤学生,大多数科目得分高于平均水平。above average高于平均数;below average低于平均数;on average平均起来,一般说来。

(2011﹒重庆﹒T24)Shirley, a real book lover, often brings home many books to read __________ the library.A. in B. for C. by D. from【谜底】D【剖析】句意为“Shirley,一个念书喜好者,经常从图书馆带些书回家去读”。(2012﹒福建﹒T26)China has been pushing the reform of public hospitals ____all its citizens.A. in charge of B. for the purpose of C. in honor of D. for the benefit of【谜底】D【剖析】(2012﹒福建﹒T33)Nothing is so easy as parents raise their expectations of their children too high.A. of B. to C. by D. for【谜底】D【剖析】句意为:没有什么比怙恃亲过多的提高对孩子的期望值更容易的了。

for parents“对于怙恃亲来说”,不定式是真正的被比力身分。本句的关键是找到关键点,一方面的nothing is so…as结构,另一方面就是不定式的身分界定。

(2012﹒浙江﹒T14)Brown said he was by no means annoyed;_____ he was glad to be able to make himself clearly understood.A. all in all B. for one thing C. on the contrary D. by the way【谜底】C【剖析】凭据句意:布朗说他一点儿都不恼火。相反(on the contrary)他很兴奋能够被透彻明白。All in all总而言之;for one thing其一;by the way顺便讲一下,均不切合语境,故清除。

解题的关键是对词组by no means=never(决不)的明白。(2012﹒浙江﹒T6) all the animals I've ever had, these two dogs arc the most sensitive to the spoken word.A. From B. Of C. For D. With【谜底】B【剖析】 two dogs所属与all animals,故用介词of表现这种关系,如:many of us, 我们其中的许多人,故谜底B切合语境。From从;for为了;with有,均不切合语境,故清除。(2012﹒安徽﹒T25) You can change your job, you can move house,but friendship is meant to be life. A. of B. on C. to D. For【谜底】D【剖析】mean在此表现“预定,指定”。

The gift is meant for you. 这份礼物是给你的。He was meant for [to be ]an electrician. 原来是准备把他造就成电工的。

(2012﹒辽宁﹒T27) The Well Hotel stands in a quiet place the main road at the far end of the lake. A. to B. for C. off D. out【谜底】C【剖析】off 意思是“脱离...,隔着...”,表现与……隔着一定的距离。(2012﹒四川﹒T14) This training program can give you a lift at work, ____ increase your income by 40%.A. as well as B. so long as C. so much as D. as soon as【谜底】 A【剖析】本题考察介词as组成的短语用法区别。


凭据句意选A。(2012﹒陕西﹒T11) An agreement seems to be impossible because the majority of the committee members are ______________ it.A . against B. for C .to D. with【谜底】A【剖析】所填介词与系动词be组成牢固句型,意思是:阻挡,选A。be for支持,赞成;be to到达;be with和……在一起,都与句意不符。

(2012﹒北京﹒T34) Do you think this shirt is too tight ____ the shoulders?A. at B. on C. to D. across【谜底】D【剖析】(2012﹒全国卷II﹒T16)100℃ is the temperature ______ which water will boil.A. for B. at C. on D. of【谜底】B【剖析】此处是介词前置的定语从句,temperature是先行词,凭据介词短语at the temperature可知用at which,which取代temperature。句意:100度是水沸腾的温度。(2013﹒安徽﹒T23)It’s much easier to make friends ______ you have similar interests.A. unless B. when C. even though D. so that【谜底】B【剖析】本题可以把四个选项划分放到空处,其中只有选项B能使语意通顺,为正确谜底;其他三个选项的意思划分是“除非”,“纵然”,“以便”,都不合乎句意,清除。

句意为当你们有相似的喜好的时候,交朋侪就容易的多。(2013﹒北京﹒T26)I have an appointment Dr. Smith, but I need to change it.A. to B. off C. with D. from【谜底】 C【剖析】have an appointment with sb是牢固短语,意思是“与某人有约会”。句意为我跟史女士医生有个约会,但我得改了。(2013﹒福建﹒T29)Mrs. Smith finds it hard to clear up the mess, as her children are always ____ whenever she tries to.A. in the way B. on watch C. in sight D. on the line【谜底】 A【剖析】in the way故障、挡道;on watch值班、监视;in sight在即、看得见;on the line处于危险中、模棱两可。

通过上下文意思可知是孩子们故障史女士夫人的事情,所以先A。句意为史女士夫人发现很难收拾这杂乱的局势,因为无论什么时候她试图去做的时候,孩子们总是故障她的事情。(2013﹒安徽﹒T22)Before you pay a visit to a place of interest, look in your local library a book about it.A. on B. at C. for D. to【谜底】 C【剖析】介词for 经常用来表现目的,为正确谜底;其他几个介词均有此意,清除。

句意为在你观光一个胜景之前,在当舆图书馆里查找一底细关的书。(2013﹒湖北﹒T30)An artist who was recently traveling on a ferry to the southern island discovered ______ a long lost antique Greek vase.A. at random B. by chance C. in turn D. on occasion【谜底】 B【剖析】at random任意地,随便地;by chance偶然地,意外地;无意之中;碰巧;in turn轮流地;相应地;on occasion有时, 间或。句意为一个艺术家最近乘坐渡轮到谁人南方岛屿旅游,他无意之中竟然发现失传已久的古希腊花瓶。

(2013﹒江苏﹒T26)I am always delighted when I receive an email from you . the party on July 1 st I shall be pleased to attend .A. On account of B. In response to C. In view of D. With regard to【谜底】 D【剖析】A. On account of因为,由于B. In response to 对……做出回应C. In view of 思量到,鉴于D. With regard to关于,至于。凭据句意,选择D。句意为当我收到你的电子邮件时,总是很兴奋的。

关于7月1日的聚会,我将很是兴奋到场。(2013﹒辽宁﹒T25)___________everyone here, I wish you a pleasant journey back to your country.A. By means of B. On behalf of C. In search of D. For fear of【谜底】 B。

【剖析】A. by means of通过……手段 B. on behalf of代表 C. in search of寻找 D. for fear of为了制止,唯恐。凭据句意可知,选择B。

句意为代表在场的每一小我私家,我祝您归国旅途愉快。(2013﹒山东﹒T34)The Smiths are praised _______ the way they bring up their children. A. from B. by C. at D. for【谜底】D【剖析】A项from“从,来自于”;B项by“通过,被”;C项at“在”;D项意为“因为,为了”,此处表现原因,切合句意。句意为史女士匹俦因为他们教育孩子的方法而受到了歌颂。

(2013﹒陕西﹒T24)The manager wants to see changes in the company, and I am sure he will .A. in particular B. in turn C. in charge D. in time【谜底】 D【剖析】四个选项的意思划分是“特别,尤其”,“依次,轮流”,“卖力”,“实时;不久”,凭据句意,谜底显着是D。句意为司理想看到公司的变化,我相信不久他会看到的。

(2013﹒新课标I﹒T34)It was a real race time to get the project done. Luckily, we made it.A. over B. by C. for D. against【谜底】 D【剖析】题干中的it显然是形式主语,真正主语是不定式to get the project done。凭据句意,可知完成这个项目要争分夺秒,所以某种意义上是在和时间赛跑。

a race against time是牢固短语,意思是“和时间赛跑”,故最佳谜底是D。句意为完成项目真正是在和时间赛跑。

幸运的是,我们赢了。(2013﹒浙江﹒T14)It will be a great help if you go to the store and get what we need for dinner. _______, I’ll set the table.A. As a result B. On the whole C. In the meanwhile D. As a matter of fact【谜底】C【剖析】凭据上下文句意之间的逻辑关系,应该是“与此同时”选C。句意为如果去店里买些我们晚饭需要的工具,这会有很大的资助,与此同时,我将摆好桌子。

(2013﹒上海﹒T25)— I'm looking for a nearby place for my holiday. Any good idea?— How about the Moon Lake? It is ______ easy reach of the city.A. by B. beyond C. within D. from【谜底】C【剖析】本题四个选项都为常见介词,A. by表“通过;经由;在四周;在……之前”;B. beyond表“凌驾;在……的那一边”;C. within表“在……之内”;D. from表“来自;从……起”。由题干中的关键信息a nearby place可知,要推荐离都会不远的地方度假。而短语介词within easy reach of意思是“在…四周,距离…不远”,所以为正确选项。

(2014﹒安徽﹒T31)What we expect from you is working hard hardly working.A. less than B. rather than C. as well as D. as much as【谜底】B 【剖析】介词动词less than少于…;rather than而不是…;as well as…和…同…也…并;as much as…多达…;句义:我们对你的期待是努力事情而不是险些不事情。凭据句义说明B正确。(2014﹒北京﹒T23)Jane is in a hurry because the train to the airport leaves _______ half an hour.A. by B. in C. for D. until【谜底】B【剖析】本题的关键是the train to the airport leaves火车将要脱离;在这句话里使用了一般现在时取代未来时,表现根据车站的时间表列车收支。


(2014﹒纲领卷﹒T29)September 30 is the day ______ which you must pay your bill.A. by B. for C. with D. in【谜底】A 【剖析】介词by到…时为止;通过;for为了,因为;with和…;in在…内里;句义:你必须在9月30日这一天之前付账单的。凭据句义可知本句中的by表现到…时为止。

故A正确。(2014﹒福建﹒T22)Our club is open to everyone ____ age, sex or educational background.A. due to B. except for C. along with D. regardless of【谜底】D 【剖析】Due to由于,因为;except for除…之外(强调整体与局部的关系);along with和…一起;regardless of不管…掉臂…(偏重于不思量,不关注…);句义:不管年事,性别或教育水平,我们俱乐部向所有人开放。凭据句义可知D项切合上下文语境。(2014﹒湖北﹒T30)Check carrots, potatoes, onions and any other vegetables ______and immediately use or throw away any which show signs of rotting. A. in demand B. in store C. on loan D. on sale【谜底】B 【剖析】A需要;B储存,将要发生;C借用,借贷;D廉价出售;句意:检查一下我们存储的胡萝卜,土豆,洋葱和其他的蔬菜,连忙把那些有腐烂迹象的用掉或者扔掉。

凭据句意可知是检查存储好的蔬菜。故B正确。(2014﹒江苏﹒T22)Tom always goes jogging in the morning and he usually does push-ups too to stay____.A. in place B. in order C. in shape D. in fashion【谜底】C【剖析】in place有序,在适当的位置;in order井然有序;in shape康健的,状态良好的;in fashion盛行的,时尚的;句意:为了保持康健,天天早晨Tom总去慢跑,也经常做引体向上。

凭据句意可知Tom磨炼的目的是为了保持康健。故C正确。(2014﹒江西﹒T25)Starting your own business could be a way to achieving financial independence .___, it could just put you in debt. A. In other words B. All in all C. As a result D. On the other hand【谜底】D【剖析】A换句话说;B总得说来;C效果是;D另一方面;句义:自己做生意也许是获得经济独立的一个很好的方法,另一方面,它也可能让你欠债。

凭据句义说明这是一件事情的两个方面,所以D项切合上下文串联。(2014﹒江西﹒T33)It is unbelievable that Mr. Lucas leads a simple life __his great wealth .A. without B. despite C. in D. to【谜底】B【剖析】 without没有,要不是;despite只管,不管;in在…内里;在…上等;句义:真是难以相信啊!只管Lucas先生有许多钱,但他还过着如此简朴的生活。凭据句义说明上下文之间存在这转折关系,选项中只有B项与之相符。故B正确。

(2014﹒陕西﹒T14)The Scottish girl _____ blue eyes won the first prize in the Fifth Chinese Speech Contest.A. by B. of C. in D. with【谜底】D 【剖析】本题中的with表现有,佩带;其余三个介词都没有这个用法。句义:能够长着蓝眼睛的苏格拉女孩在第五届汉语演讲角逐里获得了第一名。故D正确。

(2014﹒天津﹒T6)_______ the school, the village has a clinic, which was also built with government support.A. In reply to B. In addition to C. In charge of D. In place of【谜底】B【剖析】本题的四个介词短语都很重要。In reply to作为…的回复;in addition to…除…之外(包罗在内);in charge of卖力…;in place of取代;句义:除了学校,村子里另有诊所,诊所也是在政府的支持下建成的。


(2014﹒浙江﹒T10)While staying in the village, James unselfishly shared whatever he had with the villagers without asking for anything ______ . A. in return B. in common C. in turn D. in place【谜底】A 【剖析】介词短语in return作为回报,后面经常接介词for;in common与…相似;in turn依次,轮流;反过来;in place恰当,在合适的地方。句意:当他住在谁人村子里的时候,James无私地和村民们分享他拥有的一切,不要去获得任何回报。

凭据句意说明A正确。(2014﹒浙江﹒T12)Facing up to your problem ____ running away from them is the best approach to working things out. A. more than B. rather than C. along with D. or rather【谜底】B 【剖析】介词短语more than凌驾,不仅仅,很是;rather than取代,而不是;along with和…一起;or rather更准确地说;句意:面临你的问题而不是逃避是解决这些问题最好的方法。

凭据句意可知B项切合上下文寄义。(2014﹒浙江﹒T17)People won’t pay attention to you when they still have a lot of ideas of their own crying _______ expression. A. from B. over C. with D. for【谜底】D 【剖析】cry for..迫切需要,本句中的动词短语cry for expressing与前面的名词a lot of ideas of their own表现主动关系,所有使用现在分词短语做定语。句意:如果人们有许多迫切需要表达的看法的时候,他们是不会注意到你的。故D正确。

(2014﹒浙江﹒T18)There’s no reason to be disappointed. ______, this could be rather amusing.A. Above all B. As a result C. In addition D. As a matter of fact【谜底】D【剖析】above all首先,最重要的是;as a result效果;in addition另外,而且;as a matter of fact实际上;句意:没有让人失望的理由,实际上这件事情很让人兴奋。凭据句意可知上下文之间暗含的转折关系,而D项as a matter of fact“实际上”暗含的就是转折关系。故D项正确。

(2015﹒重庆﹒T10) Last year was the warmest year on record, with global temperature 0.68 ℃____ the average.A. below B. on C. at D. above【谜底】D 【剖析】试题分析:句意:去年是有纪录以来最热的一年,全球平均气温上升0.68度。With 的宾语global temperature ,宾语补足above the average。(2015﹒浙江﹒T3) Have you ever heard of the trees that are homes animals both on land and sea?A. about B. to C.with D. over【谜底】 B【剖析】试题分析:句意:你是否有听说过树是陆上动物和海上动物的家?home to sth 牢固搭配,是什么的家园的意思。

该句是一个疑问句,其中还含有一个定语从句。好比这个句子转化为陈述句应该是You have ever heard of the trees that are homes animals both on land and sea? 然后把定语从句单独拿出来看将会是trees are homes animals both on land and sea. 凭据牢固搭配自然知道谜底是to。(2015﹒浙江﹒T17) These comments came specific questions often asked by local newsmen.A. in memory of B. in response to C. in touch with D. in possession of【谜底】B【剖析】试题分析:句意:这些评论是对某些经常被当地新闻人问到的问题的回应。A. in memory of 意为纪念, B. in response to意为回应,C. in touch with意为联系,D. in possession of意为拥有。

分析句子身分知道空格处充当介词短语作状语的作用,凭据知识和句意,评论应该是对问题的回应。所以谜底应该是B. in response to回应。

(2015﹒浙江﹒T10) Most people work because it’s unavoidable. , there are some people who actually enjoy work.A. As a result B. In addition C. By contrast D. In conclusion【谜底】C【剖析】试题分析:句意:许多人事情是因为这是不行制止的,相反,有一些人是简直喜欢事情的。凭据前后的意思,可以知道前后是表现对比。A意为效果,B 意为此外,C 意为相反,D意为结论。“不行制止”表述到一种无奈,也就是说,许多人是不得不事情的。

后句的表达是“事实上有些人喜欢事情”,“喜欢” 和“不得不”恰好组成一种否认,所以谜底只能是选C。(2015﹒陕西﹒T12)The little pupil took his grandma the arm and walked her across the street. A. on B. by C. in D. at【谜底】B【剖析】试题分析:句意:这个小学生拉住他奶奶的膀子和她一起穿过街道。

take sb. by the arm拉住某人的膀子,所以选B。(2015﹒福建﹒T22)_______A common memory they all have their school days is the school uniform.A. of B. on C. to D. with【谜底】A【剖析】试题分析:考察介词辨析。A.of表现关于,表现附属关系;B.on表现在…之上;C.to表现对于;D.with表现和…在一起。

该句意思为:他们共有的关于他们学校的影象是校服。故选A(2015﹒福建﹒T32)Human life is regarded as part of nature and, as such, the only way for us to survive is to live_________nature.A. in view of B. in need of C.in touch with  D. in harmony with【谜底】D【剖析】试题分析:考察短语辨析A.in view of在..眼里;B.in need of需要; C. in touch with和..接触;D. In harmony with与.和谐相处。这四个短语后面都应该接名词,该句意思为:人的生活是自然的-部门,因此,我们.生存下来的唯- - 的方法就是与自然和谐相处。

凭据句意,故选D(2015﹒江苏﹒T34)Many of the things we now benefit from would not be around _______ Thomas Edison.A. thanks to B. regardless of C. aside from D. but for【谜底】D【剖析】试题分析:句意:要不是爱迪生的发现,今天我们身边享用的许多工具都将不复存在。A项“多亏”,具有很强的疑惑性,如将题干改成“_______ Thomas Edison, now we can benefit from many of the things around us.”则选A项;B项“不管,掉臂”;C项“除了”;D项“要不是”,常用于隐藏式(蕴藉式)虚拟条件句。故选D项。

(2015﹒安徽﹒T33)They believe that there are transport developments ______ that will bring a lot of changes for the better.A. out of date B. out of order C. around the clock D. around the corner【谜底】D【剖析】试题分析:句意:他们认为即将到来的交通生长将会带来许多好的方面的变化。A过时的;B发生故障的;C昼夜不停地;D即未来临。故选D。

(2015﹒湖北﹒T30)This meeting room is a non-smoking area. I would like to warn you _____ that if you smoked here you would be fined.A.in advance B.in detail C. in total D.in general【谜底】A【剖析】试题分析:句意:这个集会室是无烟区域。我想提前警告你:如果你在这里吸烟,会被罚款。A项“提前”;B项“详细地”;C项“总共,总计”;D项“大要上,笼统地”。

故选A项。(2016﹒浙江﹒T6)That young man is honest , cooperative , always there when you need his help .______, he's reliable.A. Or else B. In short C. By the way D. For one thing【谜底】B【剖析】试题分析:句意:这个年轻人是老实的,有互助精神的,当你需要他的资助的时候,总是在那里。简言之,他是可靠的。A.否则;B.简言之;C.顺便说一下;D.首先。

故选B。(2017﹒北京﹒T35)Many people who live along the coast make a living _______ fishing industry. A. at B. in C. on D. by【谜底】B【剖析】考察介词。句意:许多住在海边上的人都是靠渔业来营生的。

此处用介词in。make a living in fishing industry“靠渔业营生”。

(2017﹒江苏﹒T32)Determining where we are _______ our surroundings remains an essential skill for our survival.A. in contrast to B. in defense of C. in face of D. in relation to【谜底】D【剖析】试题分析:考察介词短语的辨析。A. in contrast to对比,截然差别;B. in defense of为……辩护;C. in face of面临;D. in relation to与……有关。句意:凭据周围的情况分辨方位仍然是我们生存的一项极其重要的技术。

故选D。(2017﹒天津﹒T12)When you drive through the Redwood Forests in California, you will be _________ trees that are over 1,000 years old.A. among B. against C. behind D. below【谜底】A【剖析】(2017﹒天津﹒T13)We offer an excellent education to our students. ________, we expect students to work hard.A. On average B. At best C. In return D. After all【谜底】C【剖析】试题分析:句意:我们给我们的学生们提供极好的教育,作为回报,我们期待我们的学生们努力学习。

A. 平均起来,一般说来;B. 最多,充其量;C. 作为回报;D. 究竟,终究。凭据句意故选C。

(2018﹒北京﹒T14)—Good morning, Mr. Lee’s office.—Good morning. I’d like to make an appointment _________ next Wednesday afternoon.A. for B. on C. in D. at【谜底】A【剖析】考察介词。句意:——早上好,Lee先生办公室。

——早上好。我想预约下周三下午(和Mr. Lee晤面)。make an appointment for意为“为……预约”,是牢固搭配,故A选项正确。(2018﹒天津﹒T11)Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had to write a report, but he went ___________.A. at first B. after allC. above all D. at random【谜底】B(2018﹒江苏﹒T33)China’s soft power grows _______ the increasing appreciation and understanding of China globally.A. in line with B. in reply toC. in return for D. in honour of【谜底】A【剖析】考察介词短语词义辨析及语境明白。

句意:中国的软实力增长与日俱增全球对中国的赏识和明白相一致。A. in line with根据;与...一致;B. in reply to回复;C. in return for作为 ... 的酬劳;D. in honour of为纪念。故选A。(2019﹒江苏﹒T27)Favorable policies are ___________ to encourage employees' professional development.A. in effect B. in command C. in turn D. in shape【谜底】A【剖析】考察介词短语。

句意:好的制度政策实际上都市引发员工的专业水平的提升。A. in effect实际上;B. in command指挥;C. in turn轮流,依次;D. in shape在外形上,处于良好的状态。

故选A。(2019﹒浙江﹒T61)But can uniforms help improve school standards? The answer ___61___ this question is not clear.【谜底】to【剖析】考察介词。句意:这个问题的谜底不清楚。

the key/answer to ...这是牢固搭配,“……的谜底是……”。故填to。

(2019﹒新课标I卷﹒T63)Modem methods ___63___ tracking polar bear populations have been employed only since the mid-1980s, and are expensive to perform (perform) consistently over a large area.【谜底】of/for【剖析】考察介词用法。此处tracking polar bear populations作Modern methods的定语,用of 毗连,“methods of doing sth.”,意为“……的方法”,组成牢固结构。或者意为“对于跟踪北极熊的方法”用for。故填of/for。